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How do I migrate data from one Wealthbox account or workspace to another?
How do I migrate data from one Wealthbox account or workspace to another?

If you are leaving a firm that is using Wealthbox and need to import your data into a new Wealthbox account.

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To migrate data from one Wealthbox workspace or account to another our customer Success team will review the request and support it based on specific use cases.

We handle this data move as we would any data migration, so you will need to download the data from your current Wealthbox account and let us know if there are any specifics (i.e. criteria to filter only specific data to be moved, visibility restrictions, etc). Below are the details we need for this migration.

  1. Download the JSON backup file from the settings of your current workspace.

  2. If you only need specific contacts to be moved, apply the filter(s) necessary to get the specific list of contacts from the Contacts page of your current workspace and then download it to CSV using bulk actions.

  3. Log out of your current account and into the Wealthbox account the data will be moving to.

  4. Using this secure link, upload the JSON and CSV file. Add any special requests or details and be sure to click the green "submit import request" button.

We do not support the following data types with migrations:

  • Recurring activities - The rules are different between CRMs so it is not possible to import the repeating occurrences. We are able to import the history of these repeating tasks/events, but cannot import them with the repeating settings turned on. Depending on the CRM, we typically can provide a report of all of the items that were repeating, so they can be recreated

  • Files/Documents - Our team can discuss options that can help you move your files.

    Any files attached (PDFs, Word Docs, etc.) to contacts/activities will not be brought over in the transition. We do have a way to link folder URLs from a cloud storage solution, but this can have limitations and likely will need to be discussed with our success team to determine if we can support this option for your migration.

  • Workflows - Workflows are very different between CRMs so they can't be fully migrated. Since workflow templates cannot be brought over, they will have to be recreated. For workflow data, we can import individual steps as tasks so that the history is not lost on a contact but the steps are not linked as they would be moving forward with workflows.

  • Templates would need to be recreated in Wealthbox (workflow, reports, notes, tasks or emails)

  • Email - Emails in general do not import well because of the formatting/code included. Since Emails can be synced using Wealthbox Mail, they can be viewed in your contact records. Depending on the CRM you are coming from, you may have emails included with your Note activity. These emails do come into Wealthbox as notes but often include special characters that come from the code mentioned above.

  • The migration team cannot scrub data. For example, if your data includes duplicate records, our team will not remove duplicates.

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