To create a task template, go to Settings > Customizations > Task Templates, and click on “Create Task Template”. You can include all of the details that would be associated with a task in Wealthbox, including the name of the task, repeating rules, who it should be assigned to, and many more.

New Task Template in Wealthbox

Tasks can be created from the Dashboard, Contacts, Projects, or Opportunities sections. Regardless of where you start the process, you’ll have the option to create the task from a template. When you create a task from a template, all of the details will appear and you will have the option to edit the task before you save it.

New task with dropdown to create a task template.

If you’d like to edit a task template, go to Settings > Customizations > Task Templates, where you’ll see the task templates in your workspace and can modify them as needed.

Edit task templates in the customizations settings.

You can also modify an individual task that was created from a task template if you only need to change one instance of the task. To do this, simply locate that task in Wealthbox and select “Edit” from the Actions menu.

This release of task templates is the first of many improvements coming to tasks early this year. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more dynamic assignment in task templates with assignment via contact roles and rich text formatting for task descriptions.

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