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How can I create and use note templates?
How can I create and use note templates?

Create note templates for consistent and streamlined note-taking in Wealthbox

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Note templates can be created from the Wealthbox Settings > Customizations > Note Templates page here.

When creating a note template, it will ask you to provide a name for the template, and the body of the note itself:

You can also edit existing templates to make any changes to the formatting or even adjust the name.

Once you have your note template saved, you can use it by clicking on the "Note Templates" icon when drafting a note, whether it's from the Home page or from the contact record page. Once you select the note template that you would like to use, it should automatically insert the text into your current note draft.

When the note template is in the draft, you should then be able to edit it to insert any additional information or make other changes to the note itself.

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