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How do I onboard my new users?
How do I onboard my new users?
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User onboarding:

  • Invite each of your users to Wealthbox, which you can do from your "Users" page in the settings. When you invite each user, you have the option of granting "Admin" and/or "Exporting" privileges. An Admin can do everything except access the billing page (only the account owner can manage the billing). Be sure to invite each new user from the correct workspace.

  • You may want to enable the extra security features: the 2-factor authentication for extra security and/or set a session time out for the users.

  • Notifications - The "Notifications" page so they can determine how they get notifications. This article in our Help Center provides more details on the various notification options.

  • Wealthbox Mail - Enable the Wealthbox Mail feature

  • Security for each user - If you have enabled the 2-factor authentication, each user will want to save their backup authentication codes (print or copy)

  • Mobile - Download the mobile app

Here is a link to our getting started video + short product tour videos. These videos will help implement best practices for existing processes as they translate into the features of Wealthbox. You can share this link with your other users to get them familiar with Wealthbox, but please reach out to our support team if you need assistance.

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