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What is Wealthbox Mail and how do I enable the feature?
What is Wealthbox Mail and how do I enable the feature?
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Wealthbox Mail efficiently combines your CRM and email functionality by allowing: 

  • Two-Way Email Sync: for automatic syncing with your individual and shared email inboxes. Connect emails with Wealthbox Contacts and share them with coworkers or keep them private. 

  • Send & Receive Email: Compose, send, receive and manage your emails in one place.

  • Email Layout Options: Choose easy viewing options

  • Email-to-CRM actions: Create a task, schedule an event, start a workflow, create an opportunity or set a reminder for a specific email and then link it to a related CRM component in Wealthbox.

  • Reminders: Set a reminder to reply within a specific time if you have not received a reply.

  • Email templates: Save routine email messages as templates to save time when composing emails.

  • Broadcast email: Using bulk actions, you can send an email to a filtered list of contacts at one time.

To enable Wealthbox Mail:

  1. Login to Wealthbox or refresh your page if already logged in

  2. Click “Email” in left navigation panel

  3. Click “Individual Email”

  4. Click “Connect Your Email”

  5. Enter your email address, follow workflow, and arrive back at the Wealthbox “Email” page

The sync may take a little time, but once complete you will then be able to see your inbox by navigating to the “Email” page from the left navigation panel.

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