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What notification options are available in Wealthbox CRM?
What notification options are available in Wealthbox CRM?
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In Wealthbox CRM, there are various In-App, Email and Text Notifications you can enable.

From your Notifications page in Settings, you can enable the following:

In-App Notifications:

When a co-worker uses the “Notify” feature within notes or activities (i.e tasks and events), the select users will receive an in-app notification and or email depending on the checkboxes selected.

  • Email me when a colleague notifies me in the app

  • Notify me in-app when a colleague notifies me

Notifications can be expected with the following actions:

User Actions:
User adds a contact
User deletes a contact
User adds a note
User assigns a task
User is invited to an event
User notifies another user via an activity reply
User adds a task  
User updates a workflow step
User adds an event
User adds an opportunity
User adds a file
User adds a project

Email Notifications:

Phone Notifications: 

  • Send an SMS alert 15 minutes before a task with a specific date/time is due

  • Send an SMS alert to my phone 15 minutes before an event starts

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