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How do I create my signature in Wealthbox Mail?
How do I create my signature in Wealthbox Mail?

Step by step instructions to create a signature in Wealthbox Mail

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You can create a signature in Wealthbox Mail by clicking the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of Wealthbox and selecting Settings. In the navigation menu at the left you can select "Email". At the top of the Email Settings page you can then select the Signatures page.ย 

The most common method for creating a signature is to simply copy your the text from your signature in your email account and pasting it directly to the signature settings page in Wealthbox.

If you have images embedded into your signature, you can save the image onto your computer by right clicking on the image and choosing to "save image as". You can then use the Insert Image option in the Wealthbox signature to insert the image from your signature.

You should then end up with the same signature you see in your email provider.

If you have a lot of content in your signature sometimes it is necessary to use an HTML editor to correctly create the signature with your details. This method is a more technical but will replicate your signature.

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