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What differences should I be aware of before migrating data from Redtail?
What differences should I be aware of before migrating data from Redtail?

field and record mapping differences between Redtail and Wealthbox

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Although most are minor differences that users easily adapt to, there are a few differences between Redtail and Wealthbox you should be aware of when migrating your data.

Contact records:

  1. The Status field in Redtail will map to the Contact Type field in Wealthbox.
    For any Status option with the words "Deceased" or "Inactive", the migration team will also update the Wealthbox Status field to "Inactive". The Wealthbox Status supports only "Active" or "Inactive" but records marked as Inactive will not be included in automatic notifications like the Birthday reminders.

  2. Servicing Advisor and Writing Advisor fields in Redtail will be reviewed and mapped to the Assigned To user field OR a custom contact role based on how you are using these two fields. For example, if you are only using the Servicing Advisor field, we will map to our Assigned To field, but if you are using both, the Servicing Advisor will map to the Assigned to Field and the Writing Advisor will be created as a custom contact role.

  3. The Referred by field in Redtail works differently than the Referred by field in Wealthbox. In Redtail, this field is a free text field which allows you to type anything with inconsistent formats. In Wealthbox, this field links to an existing contact record which allows you to create a report based on common referrers. Our migration team identifies contacts that match the referred by field and will link them the way Wealthbox is designed, but for those that don't match, we create a custom "referred by details" field so that you don't lose the reference you have tracked in Redtail.

  4. Spouse Home phone and address details in Redtail are visible, although they are actually stored only on the Head/Primary contact record. The backup does not include the Home details for the Spouse so our import process does not by default include these details when we import the Spouse contact records. We can, however, add them upon request. We don't assume these details are wanted on both records because they will need edited on both records.

  5. Visibility restrictions - Groups will need to be created in Wealthbox and the criteria for applying visibility restrictions will need related to the migration team so the restrictions can be applied during import.

  6. In Redtail, there is a Departments section which allows you to enter people along with their job titles, phone and email within a company. These people are not contact records in Redtail. In Wealthbox, we create these people as person records and link them to the company they are part of.

  7. UDF fields are created as custom fields. We review the UDFs and create only those who have data populated. If there are a lot of fields, we will send you a list of these fields before creating them so you can determine if you want all fields.


  1. In Redtail, all activities appear on your calendar and need to be completed. Our migration team will separate your activities based on the "Activity Type" and import to the Wealthbox Calendar or Tasks. If the activity type is a "Appointment" or "Meeting", our team will import to the calendar. If the activity type is "To-do" or "Task" we import to the tasks. There are typically several custom activity types. If it isn't clear if it is a meeting type or a task, we will ask for clarification.

  2. Recurring criteria between Redtail and Wealthbox is not the same so we are unable to import future occurrences. We do, however, import all past or completed occurrences and we will provide you with a list of these repeating activities so you can recreate the future occurrences.

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