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What is or isn't supported with a data migration to Wealthbox?
What is or isn't supported with a data migration to Wealthbox?
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Wealthbox supports migrating the following data types. Ideally each file would include record IDs and the related Contact IDs so we can properly link the data to the contact records during import.

  • Contacts

  • Notes

  • Tasks

  • Events

  • Opportunities

  • Projects (i.e. seminars, workshops, etc)

  • Manually tracked financial account details

We do not support the following data types with migrations:

  • Repeating tasks and events - we can import completed/past occurrences and the first active, but the rules to create future occurrences are not supported.

  • Files - We do have a way to link folder URLs from a cloud storage solution, but this can have limitations and likely will need to be discussed with our success team to determine if we can support this option for your migration.

  • Workflows

  • Templates (workflow, reports, notes, tasks or emails)

​When migrating from another CRMs, typically your backup will be compressed in a ZIP file which will contain multiple CSV files or a backup database in various formats. When sending the file to our team, it's best to keep the file zipped so it uploads completely. Most files are large when they are not compressed and the upload can time out.

If your file is a different format the the following, please reach out to our Success Team ( to see if we can work with the format you are provided with.

  • ​CSV or Excel files

  • SQL

  • BAK (backup to SQL database)

  • MS Access (MDB)

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