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How does “notifying” work?
How does “notifying” work?

How can I notify coworker users when adding contacts, tasks, events, projects, or opportunities?

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Notifying is a great way to keep coworkers in the loop of important CRM data entry, via in app notifications and/or email. Coworker users in your Wealthbox account can be notified when data is added by choosing the “Notify” field in the lower left corner of the publisher. To notify someone within your workspace of a new entry, start typing the first letters of the users name or a preset group name to get the auto-select rolldown options. Choose a coworker name or group from the roll-down list. When you add the CRM data (eg. a new contact name, note, task, etc) the person(s) you selected for notifications will receive an email or in app notification advising them of the new CRM data input and any notes you’ve written along with a link back to Wealthbox and the specific CRM data entry.

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