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How do I run an update with an import in Wealthbox?
How do I run an update with an import in Wealthbox?
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From the Imports page in Wealthbox, you will see Update Existing Data options.

When you select the tool applicable to the updates you need to make, you will then see the following pages.

You will upload your update file and then click the green "import" button.

The following page allows you to select the "Mapping Key" which is the record ID.

You will then need to map the fields in Wealthbox that you would like to update to the columns in your file.

Some fields may automatically map if the field and column labels match. You may need to manually select the field in Wealthbox if it does not automatically map.

Review the mapping and confirm it is accurate before you click the green continue button.

Note: If you kept the original field in your file, these fields may map automatically so you want to confirm you have mapped ONLY the column that includes the updated data. Only one column can be mapped to a single field.

Contacts - this tool allows you to update any field, including custom fields, on your contact records excluding those that allow 1-many options (additional tools listed below).

After mapping your file, you can choose to Ignore blank values in your file which will retain data that exists for the given record OR you can overwrite existing data with a blank value.

The following tools allow you to overwrite and/or merge additional addresses and tags to your contact records. The file would need to be formatted vertically allowing you to include multiple addresses or tags for one contact. See the screenshot of an example file below.

  • Contact Addresses

  • Contact Phone Numbers

  • Contact Emails

  • Contact Websites

  • Contact Tags

After mapping your file for the 1-many updates, you can choose to merge the unique data with the existing data or replace the existing data. In other words, if your existing contacts include address that you want to keep but the update file includes additional addresses, you would "Merge with existing addresses". However, if your existing contacts include addresses that need updated, and your update file includes the accurate addresses, you would "Replace existing addresses".

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