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How can I prepare my data to run a bulk with an import?
How can I prepare my data to run a bulk with an import?
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All update imports require the record ID (internal or external, see note below). The import will fail if a matching ID is not found.

We recommend exporting a CSV contact file from the Contacts page in Wealthbox which will include the Internal and External IDs along with all other available fields on a contact record. You could also create a report that includes the ID as well as any field you would like to update and then export the results. With either option, you can then add columns to update the fields in your Excel file and use this file for your update.

In your file, we advise leaving the original column(s) for the field(s) you are updating in your workspace. You can then add a column for each field you want to update to apply the updates. This allows you to have the original reference in your file in the event you need to revert to the original data before the update. When you run the update, you will map the updated columns. It might be helpful to relabel the original columns to include "Original" which will help you identify the difference between the original column and the updated column when you map your data for the update import.


The Internal ID is the Wealthbox record ID. All data you enter into Wealthbox (i.e. Contacts, Notes, Tasks, etc) will be given an ID.

The External ID is the ID associated with data imported from a prior source. Just like Wealthbox, the prior CRM source would have unique IDs for each record in your data. The External ID would not exist for records you have manually created in Wealthbox since you migrated into Wealthbox.

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