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How do I migrate my data to Wealthbox?
How do I migrate my data to Wealthbox?

Begin your data migration and onboarding process

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Our dedicated onboarding team will take on the heavy lifting involved with data migrations. After you have started your Wealthbox trial and made the decision to move forward with Wealthbox, you may have questions regarding how the migration process works. We offer migration planning meetings to discuss your data and current processes. These meetings will help you understand our processes and how to proceed, but once you schedule your migration, the information the Wealthbox team gathers from these meetings will help us understand any unique details required to migrate your important data.
A lot of migrations from our competitors are quick and seamless and may not require a planning meeting. If you don't need a pre-migration meeting, you can reach out to our success team ( and we will get back to you with the first available migration date which will include all instructions and required next steps to begin your migration.

If you are not migrating from another CRM and need to import a list of contacts, you can find instructions here to do this without scheduling a migration with the Wealthbox team.

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