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What are the required steps for migrating data to Wealthbox?
What are the required steps for migrating data to Wealthbox?

The Wealthbox team can assist with the migration once you have decided Wealthbox is the right fit for your firm.

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Wealthbox offers free migration services to new customers. To take advantage of this service, we require* and/or recommend the follow steps to be completed.

  1. After starting your free trial of Wealthbox, you will want to Invite your users to Wealthbox. We want to make sure the data we are migrating gets associated properly to your users. For example, tasks are assigned correctly. Users need to be active in Wealthbox for the data to get associated during the import process. Data associated to users who do not exist in Wealthbox will appear to be created by the owner of the account.

  2. Subscribe* to Wealthbox by adding your payment details. You will not lose your free trial days and will be invoiced at the end of your trial.

  3. After scheduling your migration with the onboarding team, you will want to send your data using this secure link. We recommend sending the backup file(s) at the end of the day, the day before your scheduled migration to eliminate down time with your data entry.

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