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How to enable the Trust & Will integration
How to enable the Trust & Will integration

Enable the Trust & Will integration to share estate planning data between Wealthbox and Trust & Will

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This integration sends client data from Trust & Will to Wealthbox. This includes information like their estate plan type, progress status, completion date, and last updated date.

Enabling the integration

Log in to your Wealthbox account and complete the following steps:

  1. Create the following four contact-based custom fields in Wealthbox (How to create custom fields in Wealthbox):

    1. Single Select Dropdown: Custom Field Label is Trust & Will Plan Type

      • Create Custom Field Options for Guardian, Will, Trust

    2. Single Select Dropdown: Custom Field Label is Trust & Will Plan Status

      • Create Custom Field Options for Invited, In Progress, Completed

    3. Date: Custom Field Label is Trust & Will Last Updated Date

    4. Date: Custom Field Label is Trust & Will Completion Date

  2. Create an Access Token in Wealthbox. (How to create an access token in Wealthbox)

  3. Log in to your Trust & Will Advisor Dashboard and click My Account.

  4. Copy/paste your unique Access Token in the blank field within the Wealthbox Integration tile.

Adding a Trust & Will email template

You can create a Trust & Will email template in Wealthbox to easily kick off the estate planning process for your clients. Just take the following steps:

  1. Add a new template in Wealthbox. (How to create email templates in Wealthbox)

  2. Trust & Will recommends the following Name, Subject, and Template Content:

    • Name: Trust & Will Referral

    • Subject: Trust & Will - An estate planning resource for you

    • Template Content:

      “{{Contact.FirstName}} {{Contact.LastName}},

      An estate plan is an extremely important part of a solid financial plan — protecting your loved ones and assets. Trust & Will is an online platform that offers state-specific estate plans. All their documents are designed by attorneys and they offer live customer support to help you along the way.

      Just click this link to get started. Most clients complete everything in about 30 minutes.”

  3. Make sure your unique Trust & Will referral link is hyperlinked in your template content. Using this link will automatically prompt your client to share their estate plan with you once it’s been created.

You’re good to go - you can now easily send your Trust & Will referral link to your clients all from Wealthbox!

Common Questions

What other information can be sent from Trust & Will to Wealthbox?

Trust & Will is actively working on the integration and would love to hear your suggestions! If there’s anything you’d like to see, please contact them at

Keep in mind, client information will only be sent from Trust & Will if:

  • The client’s account is linked to your Advisor Dashboard

  • The client exists as a contact record in Wealthbox

Can Trust & Will send a client’s documents to Wealthbox?

This integration doesn’t currently support sending files to Wealthbox, but it's something Trust & Will is evaluating. Please contact them at if you have any questions or suggestions.

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