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How do I enable 2-way sync with Outlook Calendar?
How do I enable 2-way sync with Outlook Calendar?
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Wealthbox is integrated with Outlook calendar hosted on Exchange and Office 365 in a 2-way sync.

To enable two-way sync with Outlook, sign in to Wealthbox and choose "Applications" from the three-dot-menu in the upper-right corner. Then, click the "Settings" button for the "Outlook Calendar" item. You can also click this link to go straight to the Outlook Calendar settings page in Wealthbox.

Please note, you'll need to enable calendar sync separately from Wealthbox Mail.

Authorize Outlook Calendar

From the Outlook Calendar settings page, enter the email associated with your Outlook calendar and click the "Authorize Outlook Calendar" button.

You will either be prompted to log in and authorize via Microsoft or select where your calendar is hosted:

Log in with Microsoft:

Select where your calendar is hosted:

If you need assistance determining where your Outlook Calendar is hosted, see our guide: How do I determine where my Outlook Calendar is hosted?

Enable Synchronization

After you have successfully authorized Wealthbox to access your Outlook Calendar, you must enable the synchronization before events will begin syncing between Wealthbox and Outlook.

Complete the form details, such as choosing an Outlook Calendar and Default Permission, and click the "Enable Synchronization" button.

Your integration is now successfully enabled.

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