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How do I determine where my Outlook Calendar is hosted?
How do I determine where my Outlook Calendar is hosted?
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When enabling synchronization for our Outlook Calendar, Wealthbox may ask you where your calendar is hosted:

The IT Administrator at your firm is the best person to answer where your Outlook Calendar is hosted. However, for firms without an IT administrator to offer assistance, Office 365 is the most common hosting option.

Office 365

Select Office 365 if the page you use to log in to Microsoft services is similar to this:


If you're not sure, and you haven't already tried Office 365, the best bet is to select "Hybrid" from the list and attempt to sign in to Microsoft using your correct username and password.


If you've attempted Office 365 or Hybrid without any luck, select Exchange and fill in your email address, password, and server host url. You can find your server host URL by following this guide: How to find Exchange server information.

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