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How do I find my Exchange server information for Outlook Calendar sync?
How do I find my Exchange server information for Outlook Calendar sync?

Instructions for finding your "Server Host URL" via Outlook for PC or Mac

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If you're using an Exchange server to host your Outlook Calendar, here's a quick way to access information about that server directly from Outlook on your Windows PC or Mac.

Instructions for Windows PC

Open Outlook on your PC and click the "File" tab

Go to Account Settings

Double-click on your connected email account

Access your server address in the window that appears

If this doesn't work, click here for additional instructions.

Instructions for Mac

Open Outlook on your Mac and click Outlook > Preferences in the toolbar

Choose "Accounts" from the Outlook Preferences menu

Select your account and click the "Advanced" button in the lower right corner

Access your server details in the window that appears

Additional options:

If the above instructions do not work, please try the following:

With Outlook running on your PC, find the Outlook icon in your system tray. You may need to expand hidden system tray icons to see it.


Hold Ctrl on your keyboard and click the Outlook icon to open the extended menu.


Click Test E-mail AutoConfiguration.
Enter your email address and password for Outlook in the appropriate boxes.
Clear the Use Guessmart and Secure Guessmart Authentication checkboxes.
Click Test. This may take up to a minute or longer depending on your connection.
When the testing finishes, the results log will have your Availability Service URL in the Results log as shown below:

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