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How to Create a Label-Based Mail Merge Template in Microsoft Word
How to Create a Label-Based Mail Merge Template in Microsoft Word

Mail Merge Labels

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Follow these steps to create a Microsoft Word labels template for use in Wealthbox Mail Merge:

  1. Open a blank document in Microsoft Word

  2. Select the "Mailings" Tab

  3. Once on the tab, please select "Start Mail Merge > Labels". Then select the size appropriate for your labels and click "OK" 

  4. Click on the "Select Recipients > Type New List" 

5. Select "Customize Columns" and remove any columns and edit the column names to the proper field names for Wealthbox Mail Merges. Proper Mail Merge field names can be found here:

6. Once you added the correct column names for the merge fields click "Ok" on both windows. You will then be prompted to name the list. Please name it and click "Ok"
7. You will now see your Word document show one blank area then a repeating "<<NextRecord>> showing on them. 

8. Click on the first empty label and then select "Insert > Merge Field" and choose the merge field you would like to insert. Please repeat to add as many Merge fields as you would like and to format them. (Spaces and punctuation between fields).
9. Once you formatted the first block correctly click the "Update Labels" button. This will add the fields to the rest of the page. 

10. Save the file.
11. You will be prompted when closing out to Save the related list,  which is optional.
12. Navigate to Wealthbox Settings > Customizations > Mail Merge Templates and select "Create Merge Template" and upload your template. Be sure to select the "One file with all contacts" option.

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