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How do I enable the Investipal integration with Wealthbox?
How do I enable the Investipal integration with Wealthbox?
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Investipal is an AI-enabled wealth management platform that provides advisors with a personalized and efficient investment experience. With the Investipal integration, new leads sourced from advisors’ websites via Investipal’s risk questionnaire widget will automatically be created in Wealthbox, including key information like risk tolerance, investable assets, income, and more. This integration assists advisors during every step of the investment process, from lead generation to portfolio management, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.

How to enable the Investipal integration with Wealthbox

  1. In the Investipal platform, click on "Integrations" in the left sidebar.

  2. Click on the entry for Wealthbox. Click "Confirm" in the pop up dialog.

  3. Enter your Wealthbox credentials when prompted.

  4. The page will reload and the connection will be completed. You are ready to utilize the integration between Investipal and Wealthbox

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