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How do I enable the FinMate AI integration with Wealthbox?
How do I enable the FinMate AI integration with Wealthbox?
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The FinMate AI integration streamlines the note-taking process across various meeting types—including Discovery and Review sessions, offering deep insights into client moods and preferences. With the FinMate integration, advisors can enable seamless note-sharing directly to the Client Record page in Wealthbox from the client page, enhancing meeting efficiency. This integration allows advisors to optimize client engagement and deliver personalized financial advice.

How to Enable the FinMate AI Integration

  1. Navigate to the FinMate AI platform, select "Integrations," and sign in to your Wealthbox account.

  2. Click Connect.

How Does the FinMate Integration Work?

After connecting to Wealthbox, you can take client meeting notes using the FinMate AI tool.

Once you’re done with your client meeting, simply click on the Wealthbox button above your notes and they will be synced into the notes section of your Wealthbox Contact Record.

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