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How do I integrate the Andes Wealth Platform with Wealthbox?
How do I integrate the Andes Wealth Platform with Wealthbox?
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The Andes Wealth Technologies integration allows advisors to synchronize client information between Wealthbox and Andes, enabling users to access and manage data across both platforms. The integration streamlines workflows and enhances efficiency for financial advisors, ensuring a cohesive experience for managing client relationships and investments.

How to enable the Andes integration

  1. In the Andes Wealth Platform, select "Integration" and then click “Integration setup.”

  2. Choose Wealthbox from the options.

  3. Click the "Connect" button.

  4. Enter your Wealthbox login credentials to connect your Wealthbox account to the Andes Wealth Platform.

How Does the Andes Integration Work?

Once connected, go to the Integration section in the Andes platform. If you click on Wealthbox, you will see that it is already connected. You can manually sync data now, or it will be synced in the nightly batch job.

All information from Wealthbox will transfer to the Andes Platform. Look for a green checkmark in the Wealthbox column on the Household page, indicating that the households are integrated from Wealthbox.

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