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How can I update the due dates for multiple tasks at one time?
How can I update the due dates for multiple tasks at one time?

Bulk updating task and workflow step due dates

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Wealthbox users can make bulk updates to due dates for tasks and workflow steps.

To adjust due dates for several to-dos at once, simply navigate to the Tasks component within Wealthbox. At the top of the screen, you can select if you want to view Tasks, Workflow Steps, or Tasks and Workflow Steps. You can also filter by assignee or category to narrow down the list.

Filtering by Tasks and Workflow steps in the Wealthbox CRM Tasks screen.

Click-Drag-Highlight: Once you find the to-dos that you want to reschedule, you can click and drag to highlight the selection of multiple to-dos. You can also use modifier keys, like CTRL (on Windows) or Command (on MacOS), to select more to-dos beyond your initial selection.

Selecting multiple overdue tasks in Wealthbox.

While the to-dos are highlighted, you’ll see a bulk action toolbar at the bottom of your screen that shows how many to-dos are selected. Click the calendar icon inside the toolbar to select a new due date for the selected tasks and workflow steps.

Bulk updating due dates for overdue tasks in Wealthbox.

For more information, check out this video “How to Bulk Update Due Dates” from our How-To video series.

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