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How can I track my clients as a household in Wealthbox?
How can I track my clients as a household in Wealthbox?

Track family member details with household records

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In Wealthbox, each person should have their own "person" record including a household name and household title (i.e. Head, Spouse, Child, etc) and any additional demographic details that should apply to the person.

  • The household record does not support many fields. Demographic fields should be tracked on the person's records (i.e. Phone, Address, etc).

  • You will find a Family Members widget on each person's record as well as the household record and all records are easy to navigate to by clicking the hyperlink in the widget.

  • There should be one Head record for each household. This gives you the ability to filter by household. For example, if you need a list of all clients and only want to include one person from each household.

    • Some users do not create a household record for single clients, but we do recommend adding the "Head" household title for consistency.

  • The household records will include a combined activity stream for activities added to all related family members.

    • If you enter a note to a person record, it will display in the related household's activity stream (not in the related person records).

    • If you enter a note in the household record, it will appear in all related family member's records.

  • Email addresses are supported on a household record which allows you to see emails syncing with Wealthbox Mail.

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