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How to enable the Jump integration
How to enable the Jump integration
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The Wealthbox integration with Jump allows you to take your AI-generated meeting notes and tasks from Jump and sync them directly into Wealthbox. It also allows Jump to create meeting prep notes based on Wealthbox data.

How to Enable the Jump Integration with Wealthbox

  1. Log in to your Jump account

  2. Navigate to User Settings by clicking on your profile in the upper right hand corner, then clicking “User Settings”

  3. In the Integrations tab in User Settings, click Connect on the Wealthbox card.

  4. Log in to Wealthbox and Authorize the requested permissions.

  5. All set! You’ve connected Wealthbox to Jump.

Once the connection is enabled, you’ll be able to sync meeting notes and tasks straight from Jump into Wealthbox. For questions or assistance, you can email, or use the customer chat function in the lower right corner of the Jump web app.

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