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How to enable the Laxis integration
How to enable the Laxis integration
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Laxis is an AI meeting assistant designed to enhance operational efficiency by identifying key elements of client conversations allowing advisors to focus on engaging with their clients. With the Laxis integration, a note is automatically added to a Wealthbox Contact Record a the end of a client meeting with a link to the recording in addition to a summary of the meeting, customer requirements, and action items.

How to Enable the Laxis Integration with Wealthbox

  1. In the Laxis settings page, go the "Apps" tab and find the entry for Wealthbox, then click the connect button.

  2. Enter in your Wealthbox credentials to connect Wealthbox to your Laxis account.

  3. To send a specific meeting to Wealthbox, go to the Conversation page and select the meeting you want to share. Then click the "Send to CRM" button in the top toolbar.

  4. Enter the customer email or name, choose the correct contact, and then click “Send”. A note will be automatically created in the Wealthbox Contact Record with the meeting summary, next steps, and more.

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