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How do I integrate my Wealthbox CRM account with Tamarac?
How do I integrate my Wealthbox CRM account with Tamarac?
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The Envestnet | Tamarac integration allows Wealthbox users to access account details, holdings, billing information and custom fields from Tamarac — all from the Contact Record page in Wealthbox. The user also has the ability to quickly jump between Tamarac and Wealthbox using single sign-on.

How to enable the Tamarac integration

  1. Contact your Tamarac service team to have the Wealthbox permission added to your Tamarac account.

  2. Click on the Wealthbox link under the Integrations SSO menu within Tamarac

  3. Enter in your Wealthbox user credentials. The integration is now connected.

  4. You will also have the option to disconnect the integration from Wealthbox’s Tamarac Settings menu if for any reason you need to disconnect the integration in the future.

How does the Tamarac integration work?

Data from Tamarac is refreshed every day around 5:00 AM Eastern.

Clients from Tamarac will be automatically mapped to Wealthbox contacts using the contact's first name and email address. If no matches are found then the first and last name will be used as a secondary search to try to map the client between Wealthbox and Tamarac. The user always has the ability to manually link the client if the auto-mapping doesn’t return an exact match.

Tamarac Accounts and Balances

View Tamarac accounts and balances on the Tamarac tab - all from the Contact record page in Wealthbox.

General Account Information

View account details including account type, account description and account address information.


View holdings within the account.


View how the account is set up to be billed.

Custom Fields

View any custom fields that are setup on the account.

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