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How to enable the Summit Wealth integration with Wealthbox
How to enable the Summit Wealth integration with Wealthbox
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The integration between Summit and Wealthbox brings together client relationship data from Wealthbox with portfolio management data in Summit, enabling advisors to work with merged client information from both systems simultaneously. Any data point from Wealthbox can be mapped in Summit, and it’s easy to move from Summit to Wealthbox with a single click.

How to enable the Summit integration with Wealthbox

  1. Login to Summit Wealth

  2. Go to Admin > Integrations

  3. Find the Wealthbox Integration and click “Authorize”

  4. Enter the Wealtbox credentials for the user at your firm, click “Log in to Wealthbox”

  5. From here, you will work with your Summit Service Team to identify the custom fields and any specific criteria you’d like to use to sync data into the Summit Wealth Platform. By default, clients, people, tasks and meetings are included.

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