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List of LPL ClientWorks Data Elements Displayed in Wealthbox
List of LPL ClientWorks Data Elements Displayed in Wealthbox
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The following data elements are what LPL sends in the nightly files to Wealthbox and what is displayed on Wealthbox contact records.

CLIENT information:

  • First Name

  • Middle Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Home Phone

  • Mobile Phone

  • Residence Street1

  • Residence Street2

  • Residence City

  • Residence State

  • Residence ZipCode

  • Residence Country

  • Date of Birth

ACCOUNT information:

  • LPL Account Number

  • Account Name

  • Account Class Name (Ex: SAM II – Retirement)

  • Account Type (Ex: A – Individual)

  • Account Value

  • Advisory Fee Percent

  • Cash And Equivalents Total Amount

  • Open Date

  • Close Date

  • Funds Available

  • Investment Objective Code

  • IRA Type

  • Last Year Realized Gain Loss Amount

  • Model

  • NickName

  • Required Min Distribution Amount

  • Required Min Distribution Remaining

  • YTD Contribution Amount

  • YTD Distribution Amount

  • YTD Realized Gain Loss Amount

POSITIONS information:

  • Symbol

  • Security Type

  • Cusip

  • Market Value

  • Market Value Date As of Date

  • Purchase Cost

  • Quantity

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