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What should I expect during my onboarding meeting?
What should I expect during my onboarding meeting?

Wealthbox offers onboarding meetings for new customers to help users fully understand the functionality of all features in Wealthbox CRM

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This meeting is intended to get your team members fully onboarded to Wealthbox CRM by using the best practices that relate to your firm's processes. After data has been migrated to Wealthbox, you may have questions regarding how to get your current processes into Wealthbox. This meeting will be a loose agenda based on the questions you have and/or features you need to focus on. You and your team will guide the agenda.

Here is a list of common topics covered at this meeting:

  • Questions about how my data migrated

  • Questions about how to manage processes I had in my prior CRM

  • I would like to better understand how to customize my Wealthbox.

  • Common best practices to be efficient in Wealthbox

  • Specific feature assistance:

    • Opportunity pipelines

    • Workflows

    • Reports

    • Wealthbox Mail

    • Visibility restrictions (groups and defaults)

If you haven't already, please be sure to have all users register for one of our daily webinars or review our product tours and how-to videos before this meeting to get an understanding of the features and functionality of Wealthbox.

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