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How do I enable the Holistiplan integration?
How do I enable the Holistiplan integration?
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Users can enable the Holistiplan integration with Wealthbox by following these instructions:

  1. Navigate to your Holistiplan Dashboard and click on the "Settings" menu and then the "Integrations" sub-menu.

  2. Click "Enable Wealthbox Integration." You will see the button turn colors from navy to red.

  3. Complete the Link on Wealthbox's End

    1. Navigate to your Wealthbox dashboard, and click on the three stacked dots on the top-right of your Wealthbox screen to access your Wealthbox settings.

    2. Select "Settings" to access your Wealthbox settings.

    3. Click on "API Access" under the menu selections on the left side of the screen.

    4. Click "Create Access Token"

    5. Click on the "Label" field, name your new token (e.g. Holistiplan), and click "Save." The new token will create a unique key that will be used to communicate between Holistiplan and Wealthbox. Do not share this key with others, as it serves as a unique access point between your two unique user account logins with each software.

    6. Right-click on the new unique token that you just created. You will copy this unique key to be pasted into Holistiplan in the next step.

  4. Return to your Holistiplan dashboard in a separate tab or window of your web browser. Click on your user profile name at the top-right and then "My Account / Password"

  5. Paste the API Key you copied from your Wealthbox tab/window into the "API Key" field. If you need to access the created key, you can copy it at any time from the API Access page within your Wealthbox section.
    HINT: If the key is unsuccessful, make sure an additional space or character wasn’t added before or after the key and therefore invalidating the unique identifier.

  6. Click "Establish Wealthbox Connection." Once the connection is established, you will see a message in green text above the "API Key" field that says: "Credentials accepted by Wealthbox. Integrations functions are now available to you. Your connection between Holistiplan and Wealthbox is now complete!

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