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How can I prepare for my data migration?
How can I prepare for my data migration?
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Our team wants to make sure the data migration experience is seamless and completed as quickly as possible to prevent downtime for your users.

To proceed with your data migration, we require the following steps to be completed prior to your scheduled migration date.

  1. Subscribe to your Wealthbox account: The import process can begin once you add your credit card to Wealthbox. You get to keep any remaining days on your trial and will only be billed once your trial has ended.

  2. Add Users: We want to make sure your users from your prior CRM are mapped correctly to users within Wealthbox. As such, you will need to add the users who need access to CRM at your firm. Here’s a link to quickly invite users to Wealthbox. Each user will need to accept their invite prior to migration. Keep in mind, if the user is not also a user in Wealthbox, associated data, by default will be related to the account owner.

  3. Data Export: Export your data from your previous CRM or data source. We offer instructions for some CRMs, however, you may need to reach out to your current CRM provider to request your backup file. Here is the secure link to securely send your updated backup file to the Wealthbox Data Migration team.

Your confirmation: If we are missing any of the above pieces, we will need to hold off and reschedule your migration. Please reply to this message to let us know when you have completed these steps or if you have questions so our team knows to check our files and can begin as soon as possible.

How long does a migration take?

Typically all migrations will take 1-3 days to complete from the scheduled migration date, with few exceptions based on the complexity and amount of data. We can discuss these exceptions during a planning meeting. We typically have all contact records imported during the first day which allows your users to add new data directly to Wealthbox while our team continues to import additional data. We schedule all of our data migrations to eliminate as much downtime as possible.

Since we offer one migration, your users will need to stop entering data into the prior CRM at the time the backup is downloaded and provided to our team. Any data added after the backup has been created will not be included with the data migration.

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