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How do you handle duplicate contacts when migrating data?
How do you handle duplicate contacts when migrating data?
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When you are migrating data from another CRM source, if duplicates exist in that data, it's best to clean your duplicates up before migrating or use the Merge Duplicates feature after the data is migrated to Wealthbox. These contacts most likely will include their own unique ID so our import will treat them as unique contacts.

Upon request, our onboarding team can identify duplicate contacts based on matching first and last names and apply a Tag (eg. "duplicate") so that it's easier for you to identify the records you would potentially want to merge or delete.

If you are migrating data from multiple sources and contacts are duplicated between sources, it's best to import the data from the most reliable source first. If we import data from each source, a unique ID will not be a factor so our import will fail records that have matching names, emails and/or SSN. Unique data from the failed source will not get merged to the previously imported contact record.

Note: Our team can not merge records during the import process.

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