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How to enable the Addepar integration
How to enable the Addepar integration

Enable the Addepar integration to access client account information in Wealthbox

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The integration between Wealthbox and Addepar allows users to:

  • See summarized details from Addepar for a client's portfolio, including asset class, value, and % of portfolio

  • Quickly access linked Addepar clients from Wealthbox contact pages

  • Manage linked Addepar clients within Wealthbox

How to enable the Addepar integration in Wealthbox

From the three-dot menu in the top right corner of Wealthbox, click on "Applications", then click the "Settings" button for the Addepar application as shown in the below screenshot:

From the Addepar application page, click the "Connect Addepar" button;

Follow the prompts in Addepar to enter your credentials and authorize the integration between Wealthbox and Addepar.

Wealthbox will connect to Addepar and begin transferring accounts from Addepar to view from contact record pages in Wealthbox. Accounts from Addepar should begin displaying on Wealthbox contact record pages within 24-48 hours.

Common Questions

How often are accounts refreshed from Addepar?

Each evening, Wealthbox will attempt to retrieve accounts from Addepar for the previous day. You will see an indicator on each contact in Wealthbox for when Addepar accounts were refreshed within Wealthbox.

How are accounts matched between Addepar and Wealthbox?

Accounts are automatically matched based on the full client name in Addepar. You can manually link additional clients by clicking the "Manage Clients" button and searching for your clients by their name in Addepar.

When will I start seeing accounts from Addepar in Wealthbox?

Typically, accounts begin to display in Wealthbox in the first 24-48 hours.


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