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Workflow Milestones

How to set workflow step due dates based on milestones and other workflow dates

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Wealthbox Pro and Premier users can set due dates for workflow steps based on:

  • The workflow's start date

  • The previous step's completed date (Sequential workflows only)

  • Workflow milestones

What are milestones?

Milestones are flexible due dates for workflows that you define. For example, you can create a milestone for Client Review and have one workflow step start 7 days before that date and another step that starts 3 days after it.

Using workflow milestones

You can get started by basing a workflow template's step on a new milestone. Then, when you start your workflow, you'll add specific dates for each milestone in the workflow, and your steps' due dates will be calculated automatically.

Adding milestones to a template

To start, either update an existing template or create a new one. Following, open a step in your template, then:

  1. Click the "Based On" dropdown to select "Create New Milestone"

  2. Name your milestone

  3. Set the rules for when the step should be due based on your milestone

Once you save your step, your new milestone will be available for any of the other steps in your template:

Starting a workflow with milestones

When you start a workflow that has milestones, you'll need to specify the date for the milestone:

Any steps based on that milestone's due date will be set automatically, via the rules you specified on your template:

Updating a started workflow

When you update the milestone date for a workflow that's been started, due dates for the steps based on that milestone will be updated as well.

For example, if you have a client review that you need to postpone, the steps will automatically shift according to the new date.

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