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How to enable the SEI integration
How to enable the SEI integration

Enable the SEI integration to access account balances and positions from SEI within Wealthbox

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The integration between Wealthbox and SEI allows users to see account details, balances, and positions for SEI clients on Wealthbox contact record pages — and SSO to those clients in SEI from Wealthbox.


From the SEI user guide:

To initiate the integration between Wealthbox and the SEI Wealth Platform, the first step is to complete the Wealthbox integration form which authorizes SEI’s connection to Wealthbox for your firm.

  • The Wealthbox integration form can be obtained by navigating and launching the Manage Forms page under the “Business” menu.

  • Once on the Manage Forms page, select the Advisor Admin Forms radio button, select the Data Feed/ Download Forms drop-down, and select the Wealthbox Integration Form.

  • Complete the form and submit it. Once the form is complete, a member of The Integration Specialists will contact you regarding the next steps.

Enable the SEI integration in Wealthbox

From the three-dot menu in the top right corner of Wealthbox, click on "Applications", then click the "Settings" button for the SEI application as shown in the below screenshot.

On the SEI application page, simply click "Enable" to enable the file feed integration in Wealthbox, and click the "Save" button.

Once Wealthbox begins receiving files from SEI, a Wealthbox support representative will contact you to confirm the users who should have access to the data within the integration and will give those users access.

Please note: The SEI integration does not import contacts into Wealthbox. You will need to import or create the contacts in Wealthbox manually in order for their SEI accounts to appear in the system.

Common Questions

What SEI accounts display in Wealthbox?

Open accounts will display for clients whose tax id within SEI matches their SSN, TIN, or EIN in Wealthbox.

Why don't I see an "Open in SEI" button on a contact record?

The "Open in SEI" button will display when the SSO feature is enabled above and when there is a matching client from SEI.

How often is data refreshed?

Data is refreshed from SEI overnight. Wealthbox will display data from the previous day.

Additional details about this integration are available via the SEI Wealthbox Integration Guide.

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