Please note: Wealthbox is supported in Docupace's Summer 2020 release. Depending on your Docupace version, you may need to contact your Docupace administrator to help you upgrade before you can use this integration.

How to enable the integration

From the three-dot menu in the top right corner of Wealthbox click on "Applications', then locate the Docupace item and click the "Settings" button as shown in the below screenshot; or click this link: Enable Docupace integration.

From there, follow the steps to enable the integration in Wealthbox.

  1. Enter your Docupace URL. This is most easily done by visiting the page you use to log in to Docupace and copying the URL directly from the address bar, then pasting it into Wealthbox.
  2. Contact your Docupace account owner and provide them with the alias. Without configuring an alias, this integration will not work. This alias is private to you, and unique to your Wealthbox user. It must be entered as an alias in Docupace by your Docupace administrator to connect the two systems.
  3. Toggle the integration to "Enable" and click the "Save" button.

You can now use the "Send to" menu from a contact record page to send that contact's details to Docupace:

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