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SSO Support for Wealthbox Mail

Wealthbox Mail supports SSO providers like Okta and OneLogin for G Suite and Office365

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Wealthbox Mail offers support for Okta, OneLogin, and other leading SSO providers for Office365 and G Suite accounts.

Users of these SSO services will experience seamless authentication for Wealthbox Mail and improve security by having users authenticate via OAuth, directly through their SSO service.

If you’re already using an SSO provider like Okta to log in to your Office365 or G Suite account, adding your email to Wealthbox Mail is easy:

  1. Click on “Email” in the left-hand navigation

  2. Click the “Connect Your Email” button

  3. Enter the form details and click “Add Email Account”

  4. Follow the prompts and sign in via your SSO provider

  5. Allow/Accept permissions requested by Wealthbox

Your email account should now begin syncing with Wealthbox Mail.

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