Single-sign-on, or SSO, allows users of Wealthbox to access Wealthscape from a Wealthbox Contact Record page without having to sign in to Wealthscape each time.

To utilize the SSO integration, permissions must first be granted from Wealthscape. A Wealthscape administrator must first :

  1. Go to the Wealthscape “Menu” and select “Forms Library”

  2. Search for “FIRM LEVEL ACCESS” and click the “Go” button

  3. Select the “FIRM LEVEL ACCESS for Integration Services” form

  4. Complete and submit the form through the Wealthscape Service Center
    Note: In the firm name section, list your full legal firm name.

Once the form has been approved and the requested users have been granted permission, those users must enable SSO within Wealthbox:

  1. Go to the upper-right-menu, and click “Applications”

  2. Locate the Fidelity application and click the “Settings” button

  3. Select the SSO tab

  4. Click the "Enable" option and click the "Save" button

Once the SSO is enabled, users can click the “Open Wealthscape” button from the Fidelity tab on the Contact Record page in Wealthscape to sign in to Wealthscape, which will prompt them to enable single-sign-on for all subsequent attempts.

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