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Enable AdvicePay Integration
Enable AdvicePay Integration
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How to enable the integration

From the three-dot menu in the top right corner of Wealthbox click on "Applications', then click the "Settings" button for the AdvicePay application, or click this link: Enable AdvicePay integration.

On the AdvicePay applications page click the "Connect AdvicePay" button and authorize Wealthbox for your firm.

Once the integration is enabled, you can "Send to" AdvicePay from a Contact Record page in Wealthbox to create a client in AdvicePay.

An activity stream post will be created in Wealthbox that shows the client has been created in AdvicePay. Clicking the link will allow the user to go directly to that client’s page.

AdvicePay users will also benefit from a link back to Wealthbox for any clients they have linked. With one click, they can return to that client’s Contact Record page in Wealthbox.

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