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How do I enable the MyRepChat integration?
How do I enable the MyRepChat integration?
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The MyRepChat and Wealthbox integration allows you to import your contacts from Wealthbox into MyRepChat and allows MyRepChat to document SMS messages as notes in Wealthbox under your contact records.

To enable the integration:

 1. Navigate to Account Settings (gear in the upper right corner) of MyRepChat and click the Integration tab.
2. Using the dropdown menu, select Wealthbox CRM.
3. In Wealthbox, Navigate to your settings by clicking the three vertical dots in the upper right corner > Click API Access from the left menu > Click the green "Create Access Token" button in the upper right corner. Give "MyRepChat" label when you create the token.
4. Copy the Access Token from Wealthbox and Paste into the Text box labeled "TOKEN" in MyRepChat.
5. Enable each radio button and click the "Save Settings" button. 

Wealthbox search behavior:

  • Phone searches all phone fields and ignores any punctuation.

  • Phone is a 'contains' search so a search for last 4 digits of a number will match.

  • Name searches look in either first or last names.

  • Do not search for both first and last names at once. For example: 'Tom Jones' does not match either a first or last name, so the query will return no results.

  • Search by group uses Wealthbox's 'tag' feature. Search requires an exact match of the group name and is case sensitive. We will only create a group if there is at least one member of the group.

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