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How do I enable the PreciseFP integration and how does it work?
How do I enable the PreciseFP integration and how does it work?

PreciseFP integration instructions

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You can enable the PreciseFP integration by following the steps below:

  1. Click on Settings on the left side navigation within your PreciseFP account.

  2. In the Integrations tab, click the Enable button for Wealthbox.

  3. You'll then be prompted to enter your Wealthbox credentials. 

This integration will allow you to export data to Wealthbox or import data from Wealthbox.

To export to Wealthbox

Open a client or prospect record.  Click on the Export button from the top navigation. Select Wealthbox from the dropdown options.

Next you will have the option to sync this client with an existing client if one exists in Wealthbox, or you can create a brand new record.  After you’ve made your choice click on the Export button.

Once the export completes you will see a notice that the client’s data has been successfully exported.

To import data from Wealthbox into PreciseFP

Click on clients on the left side navigation then click on the Import button from the top navigation and select Wealthbox from the drop down menu.

From the import popup, you can search for a Wealthbox contact by last name. Keep in mind the contact record in Wealthbox must be the "Head" of the household and include an email address marked as "Primary". If one or both of those are missing the contact will not show up as an available record to import.

Once you enter in your clients last name you should see them appear in the list below.  Click the radio button to the left of their name then click the Import button.

Once the import is complete, you will be shown the sections from Wealthbox that were successfully imported.  Click the close button to then be taken into their record.

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