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How does the Copytalk integration work?
How does the Copytalk integration work?

Instructions to use Copytalk with Wealthbox

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To use the integration, use the Copytalk service like normal, except include at the beginning of your dictation which particular Wealthbox feature you'd like to use by dictating the name of the feature such as "create contact," "create task," etc. Find the feature below to see a list of fields available for you to dictate. It is up to you how many of the fields to include information for and in what order to dictate your information. For best results, when dictating a date, please use the full date, including the year (such as January 1, 2020 or 1/1/20), and when dictating a time, include the AM or PM:

*** Recipient: This is required ONLY if you have the "Flexible Recipients" feature enabled on your account. "Flexible Recipients" allows you to specify the recipient(s) of your transcription. If you would like the transcription to be integrated into Wealthbox, specify Wealthbox in addition to any other recipients. If you do not have the "Flexible Recipients" feature enabled on your account, your transcription will always be sent to the Wealthbox CRM. 

Create Contact or Update Contact
First Name (required)
Last Name (required)
Note (only required for Update Contact)

Create Task:
Task Name
Contact Name
Due Date

Create Note:
Contact Name
Create Project:

Create Opportunity:
Target Close Date
Target Close Time

Create Event:
Event Name
Contact Name
Start Time
End Time
Start Date


Example: If you were calling in a new contact, you could say "Create contact. First name Joseph. Last Name Adams. Note: Met with Joseph for the second time this week, schedule follow up for June." 

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