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How do I enable the Wealthbox integration in eMoney?
How do I enable the Wealthbox integration in eMoney?
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While in eMoney:

  1. Click "Applications" in the advisor navigation bar

  2. Select "View All Applications"

  3. Select "Wealthbox"

  4. Click the green "Turn On" button

  5. Enter your User ID and Password

  6. Click "Send" to enable the integration. 

The integration features single sign-on capabilities allowing advisors to quickly transition between their eMoney application and Wealthbox CRM. 

You can also sync contacts two ways between applications, ensuring the consistency and accuracy of your clients’ information. That means you can import a new client to eMoney to avoid doubling your data entry efforts or sync an existing client with their Wealthbox profile to ensure the accuracy of their information. Keep in mind, when you import contacts from Wealthbox or on the initial link in eMoney, the info from Wealthbox will override the fields populated in eMoney. In other words, if you have details populated in eMoney, but not in Wealthbox, the eMoney fields will be cleared to match the fields coming from Wealthbox.

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