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What is the email dropbox feature?
What is the email dropbox feature?
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Wealthbox generates a unique “dropbox” email address that you can use to forward emails to your contact’s activity stream.

  1. Go into the three dots in the upper right corner of Wealthbox > “Applications.”

  2. Click on “Settings” next to “BCC Email Dropbox.”

  3. Copy the email address which is found in the “Your email dropbox address.”

  4. When contacting a client via email make sure to BCC this unique address to ensure these emails will go directly onto their contact record.

  5. Incoming messages from your clients can be forwarded to the unique dropbox email.

  6. Be sure you have included the email address you will be using to forward the emails in the area below the dropbox address.

(Note: This only works if you are using an email address associated with your Wealthbox account).

Common questions:

How are these emails linked to contacts?

When an email is saved to Wealthbox using the BCC Email Dropbox, it will attempt to link the email to contacts with matching email addresses. If it cannot find a matching email address for any contact, it will create one.

If there is a contact record that includes the email address linked to the BCC'd email, but the user forwarding the email doesn't have visibility permissions for the contact record, it treats it the same way as if the contact doesn't exist and creates a duplicate record.

Can I manually link one of these emails to a different contact?

Yes, once you have forwarded the email and it appears in your Workspace stream on the dashboard, click the email subject to open the activity, click Actions in the upper right corner, select Edit, and search the contact record you want to link the message to and save the activity.

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