To export your full data backup from ACT:

  1. Login to your database as an Administrator or a Manager level Act! User
  2. Click File > Back Up > Database…
  3. Click Browse…, then browse to the location you wish to save the backup to
  4. Give the file a new name (if desired), then click Save
  5. Decide whether or not you wish to include attachments by either leaving "Include Attachments" checked or by unchecking it (keep in mind our migration does not support files/attachments, but this is good to include for your reference)
  6. Decide whether you wish to password protect the database backup file
  7. Click OK to begin backing up the following items into a .ZIP file:
  8. Once the backup completes and the confirmation window appears, click OK to complete the backup process

To export your contacts from ACT into a CSV file:

  1. Open the ACT! database that contains the contacts you want to export. If you do not want to export the entire database, perform a lookup of the contacts that you want to export.
  2. Choose the File menu and click “Export.”
  3. In the File type list box, choose “Text – Delimited.”
  4. Click the browse button next to File name and Location. The “Save As” dialog box appears. Type a file name in the File Name box and click Next.
  5. Specify the record types for your export. Choose “Contact Records” as the kind of records to export and export All records. Click the Next button.
  6. Choose “Comma” from the Select field separator and make sure you check off “Yes, export field names” checkbox.
  7. Select the contact fields for export and click Next.
  8. When the summary screen appear, click Finish and the export be complete.
  9. The contacts file typically needs some formatting before importing to Wealthbox. For example, in ACT, spouse and children are listed in the main contact’s record. Wealthbox does not have “Spouse” or “Child” fields, instead they are captured as individual records and related as family members by the “Household Name” and Household Title” fields. See the link below for helpful tips.
  10. Once the data is formatted, you can now import your contacts to Wealthbox by navigating to the Contacts page and clicking on “Import” on the right side inside of the Import/Export panel which will allow you to upload your file and map the fields.

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