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How do I export from ACT?
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To export your full data backup from ACT:

  1. Login to your database as an Administrator or a Manager level Act! User

  2. Click File > Back Up > Database…

  3. Click Browse…, then browse to the location you wish to save the backup to

  4. Give the file a new name (if desired), then click Save

  5. Decide whether or not you wish to include attachments by either leaving "Include Attachments" checked or by unchecking it (keep in mind our migration does not support files/attachments, but this is good to include for your reference)

  6. Decide whether you wish to password protect the database backup file

  7. Click OK to begin backing up the following items into a .ZIP file:

  8. Once the backup completes and the confirmation window appears, click OK to complete the backup process

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