Wealthbox has a “Social Profile Finder” feature and also integrates with Twitter.

The social profile finder (when enabled) will populate a list of social profile links on the right panel of the contact page if the system finds any social profiles for the contact by searching the email addresses you have saved. This feature also allows you to update the headshot for a contact record to include a headshot image from one of the social profiles. Keep in mind, if the contact has a Facebook account, for example, but has the account set as “private” or “inactive”, a link will not appear on their page. To enable the social profile finder feature, click the following link. https://app.crmworkspace.com/settings/social-profiles

To see updates your contact posts, you can integrate your Twitter account and will then see the feeds for the contacts you are connected with. To integrate your social media accounts, you can click the following link. https://app.crmworkspace.com/settings

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