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How do I enable and manage additional CRM workspaces?
How do I enable and manage additional CRM workspaces?
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If the account owner upgrades to to Premier or Enterprise plans, they will automatically have this feature.

Once enabled, you will see a down arrow in the top left corner of your Wealthbox screen beside your firm name.

To manage the workspace:

  1. Click the down arrow and then click “Manage Workspaces.”

  2. Click the green “Create Workspace” button.

  3. Give the workspace a name and click “Save.”

  4. Click “Edit” to the right of the new workspace.

  5. Click “Invite Users" within “Users.” Keep in mind, if a user exists in another workspace, you can add the user from the "Existing" user tab.

  6. You can choose if the user needs to have access to all workspaces or you can selectively add to each workspace applicable.

  7. Be sure to choose whether you want the new user to have admin, manage users or exporting privileges.

  8. You can also choose the default permission (i.e. their default visibility restriction) and whether the user can change this permission.

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