The “Email me with CRM activity updates (eg. comments, workflows steps, task/event reminders, etc.)” option sends an email notification based on the following criteria.

  • To the user who created events when the event is accepted from email invitations.

  • When a user sets you to be “Notified” from the “Notify” feature.

  • If the “assigned to” user is change or added for a contact, opportunity, project or task.

  • Event – reminder email (15 mins before).

  • Task – reminder email (15 mins before).

  • Workflow – completed email.

  • Workflow – notify next step email for the assigned to user.

  • Workflow – workflow step due email is sent to the assigned user of the next step in sequential workflows.

  • Task – Sends a “Task Assigned” email to the assigned user or when an assigned task is updated.

  • Liked Stream Items – When a stream item you created is liked

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