To enable the integration with Albridge,

  1. Navigate to the “Applications” page by clicking on the three dots at the top right of your Wealthbox application.

  2. Click on “Albridge” beneath “Applications.”

  3. Click “Enable.”

  4. Copy your Albridge Partner user ID and provide it to your Broker-Dealer.

  5. Once you’ve been advised that the connection has been established, the details will sync to the contacts records based on the SSN you have listed for the contact or you can import your Albridge client data by clicking the “Import my Albridge Clients” button.

Note: The Albridge import does not include all details…only the financial account details and name of the client will be imported. We recommend you import a file with full details for your contacts (including their SSN for the ability to link data from Albridge) before importing from Albridge to ensure all details are included in Wealthbox. If you import from Albridge first and decide to import more details for those clients later, they will be seen as duplicates and will skip.

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